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18 Target Hex Tiles • 6 laminated Targeting Map cards • 40 Contract cards • 110 Assassin cards • 6 Specialist cards • 20 Top Secret Hit List cards • 6 six-sided dice • 6 dry-erase markers • 90 Tokens • Rulebook

Assassin Nation is a strategic card game where players assume the role of international assassins. Each round, players draw Contract cards along with Weapon and Modifier cards. Each Contract has an objective, which can raise or lower the value of a successful assassination depending on the Weapon used in the hit. Players race to see who can earn the most money by effectively eliminating targets and sabotaging the efforts of their fellow assassins.

 *Not Final Artwork. Artwork shown is for example only.

Target Hex Tiles

There are 18 different Targets ranging in value from $3,000 to $10,000. Each Target also features an MSR (Mission Success Rate) bonus or negative. Lower valued Targets are easier to eliminate while higher valued Targets are more difficult to assassinate.

 *Not Final Artwork. Artwork shown is for example only.

Contract cards

Each Contract card feature objectives which tie directly to the ideal circumstances for assassinating a Target. Players can earn extra Cash by fulfilling these objectives when they play a Weapon that matches a Contract’s Positive Attribute icons. Although, when a player plays a Weapon that contradicts those objectives, the Contract becomes less valuable.

 *Not Final Artwork. Artwork shown is for example only.

Weapon cards

There are 9 different Weapon Cards found in the Assassin deck: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Crossbow, Knife, Explosive, RPG, Poison, Rope and Sabotage. Each Weapon card features two attributes – whether the weapon is Loud or Silent and the Cause of Death (i.e. Gunshot, Asphyxiation, etc.)

 *Not Final Artwork. Artwork shown is for example only.

Modifier cards

Modifier Cards have a wide range of abilities such as increasing/decreasing the MSR and Time of an assassination attempt, drawing additional cards or sabotaging the efforts of your rival assassins. Each Modifier card has an icon in the upper left-hand corner, which indicates the phase the card can be played (Intel, Assassination and Reveal).


Top secret hit list cards

At the beginning of the game, each player is given one Top Secret Hit List card. Players can look at this card, but should keep it secret from the other players. Each Hit List card features 6 Targets. At the end of the game, if a player has successfully eliminated any of the Targets on their Hit List, they will earn bonus Cash towards their end total as shown on the card.

Laminated targeting map

Each player is given a laminated Targeting Map index card. During the Assassination Phase, players will secretly indicate with a dry-erase marker which Target they are attempting to eliminate by drawing an “X” in the hexagon space corresponding with the available Target in the Target pyramid.