Below is a quick overview on how to play Assassin Nation. For a complete set of instructions, Click Here to download the Instruction Booklet.

 Assassin Nation Card Game Setup


Arrange the Targets face-up in a pyramid consisting of four rows (eight $3,000 Target cards, six $5,000 cards, four $7,000 cards, two $10,000 cards). In the first round, players may only attempt to assassinate targets in the lowest row of the pyramid. Once a Target is eliminated, players may attempt to assassinate any Target above it (directly above or diagonally.) Each player draws 3 Contract cards and 5 Assassin cards at the start of the game along with 2 Cash Tokens. Randomly assign each player one Specialist card. The player who rolls the highest on a d6 starts the game. Play moves clockwise.

 Assassin Nation Card Game – Card Examples


Each round of play is broken up into 3 phases; the INTEL phase, the ASSASSINATION phase, and the REVEAL phase.

  • During the INTEL phase, players can play any number of INTEL cards from their hand and can use their Cash Tokens to purchase cards.
  • During the ASSASSINATION phase, players can play one Contract card (This is the Target they are attempting to assassinate), weapon card(s) and any other applicable Assassin cards face-down.
  • During the REVEAL phase, all players reveal their assassination attempts and roll a d6 to see if they were successful.


 Assassin Nation – Card Examples, assassination attempt


Play a Contract card and Weapon card from your hand face-down. Each Contract has an objective (i.e. “Make it Look Like an Accident.”) This objective ties directly to the ideal circumstances to eliminating a Target. Players can earn extra cash by fulfilling these objectives when they play a Weapon that matches a Contract’s Positive Attribute icons. Although, when a player plays a Weapon that contradicts the objective, the Contract becomes less valuable. During the REVEAL phase, players roll to see if their assassination attempts are successful.

For a complete set of instructions, Click Here to download the Instruction Booklet.