Version 1.0

 Assassin Nation Card Game Components


20 Target cards • 80 Contract cards • 110 Assassin cards • 6 Specialist cards • 6 six-sided dice • 90 Tokens • Rulebook

Assassin Nation is a competitive card game about the cutthroat world of contract-killers. Players race to see who can earn the most money by creatively eliminating targets and thwarting the efforts of their fellow assassins. Assassin Nation features 20 Targets that the players will attempt to eliminate using a unique mechanic of combining Contract cards and Weapon cards. Every Contract card features one Target and an objective (i.e. Make it Look Like an Accident), which can raise or lower the base value of a Target depending on the weapon used in the assassination attempt. Players can attempt to thwart the efforts of their fellow assassins by playing a variety of Modifier cards which can increase the difficulty of an assassination attempt, assign bodyguards to a Target, poach rival player contracts and more. The game ends once all of the Targets have been eliminated, and the player who has earned the most money wins the game.

 Assassin Nation Target Cards


There are 20 different Targets ranging in value from $3,000 to $10,000 including the Drug Runner, Sports Hero, Rival Assassin, Judge, Fortune 500 CEO, Prime Minister and more.

 Assassin Nation Contract Cards


Each Contract has an objective (i.e. “Make it Look Like an Accident.”) This objective ties directly to the ideal circumstances to eliminating a Target.

 Assassin Nation Weapon Cards


There are nine types of Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Crossbow, Knife, RPG, Explosives, Poison, Sabotage and Rope.

 Assassin Nation Modifier Cards


Modifier cards can increase/decrease a player’s MSR or Time, assign bodyguards to Targets, poach rival player Contracts, etc.



Journey to the land of the rising sun, a place of intrigue, mystery and danger. This expansion features 107 new cards, including new Weapons, Targets, Contracts and Modifiers. This is an expansion for Assassin Nation version 1.0